Rae Lim

Rae Lim exemplifies the term "ABC". Not American-born Chinese, but actually, American-accented, British-educated, bilingual Chinese actress. She also teaches, performs and competes in Latin dance to further confuse those whom she meets. The above-average Asian, Rae has been described by others as funny, funky and flirty - usually at the same time. Cute, quirky and kickass (and a massive fan of alliteration), she is primarily a comedic actress who also works in stunts and voiceovers.

Frank Qu

Frank is a very experienced Mandarin Chinese voice over artist, based in London. He is native to Beijing and speaks fluent mandarin Chinese. Frank works as a Mandarin Chinese lecturer in universities both in China and UK. His accent is standard Mandarin and has many years of experience in China and the UK recording educational, E-learning, documentary, audio books, business presentations & Podcast voiceovers. Frank has a naturally warm and friendly voice that can easily move between softly informative, narrative or authoritative . His voice is sincere, clear and trustworthy. Over the years he has received very positive feedback from sound engineers, clients and voice-over agencies.

Windson Liong

Windson is a very experienced Mandarin Chinese VO who has had acres of experience in Singapore, Italy, as well as here in the UK!

Jim Liu

Jim Liu is a well-rounded voice over artist/actor/singer from Taiwan. Jim speaks Mandarin Chinese as his first language and is fluent in English and Taiwanese. Jim has obtained MA degree of performing art from National Taiwan University of Arts and is currently a post graduate student of film studies at the University of Southampton.

Wendy Wang

Wendy Wang is a professional voice over artist with years of presenting experience in China. Her voice is very well trained and extremely versatile, from smooth, rich, warm, friendly and engaging, to youthful, energetic, upbeat and fresh, or authoritative, clear and classy, with huge age span between 16-60, and the ability to switch easily from various characters. Whatever your project is, she delivers.

Shin-Fei Chen

Shin-Fei is a native American but is also fluent in Mandarin Chinese and works professionally as an actress. Her previous voiceover clients include Tena, Macmillan Publishers, Tresemme, and Beijing Yogurt. Her voice is youthful, fresh and friendly.

Kris Chung

Kris Chung is a Chinese-North American voiceover, based in New York City, who has 8 years of experience providing voice over for corporate/industrial commercials, commercial spots, audio books, documentaries, web VO, animation, and educational media. He hails from Las Vegas (yes, people live there), and holds a BFA in Theatre Performance.