Chris Hein

Chris is a 23 year old self taught actor and voiceover artist. His love of voice acting started when he was about 16, first inspired by Andy Serkis. Originally from Denmark but now living in London, Chris is fluent in both Danish and English. Alongside voiceover work, Chris also acts, writes and directs!

Sophie Tusnelda

Sophie has a warm, mature, safe, sensual, pleasant, and positive sounding voice. She has over 25 years experience as a singer, producer, and voice over artist. Additional training as a theatre actor has enhanced her natural intuition, sensitivity and empathy which is evident in all her voice over roles. Sophie has given voice to cinema, television, and radio commercials, documentaries, informative presentations, and radio plays. Top brands such as BMW, The Body Shop, and Intersport continue to use Sophie’s voice for their trademark advertising campaigns. She recently teamed up with the BBC award winning composer Jonny Gunton, to compose music for a variety of advertising campaigns and television and film productions.

Charlotte Melen

Charlotte is a native Danish and English speaker who is also very proficient in Swedish and German. She is the corporate voice of British Airways and Microsoft in Denmark and the founder of Radio Drama Gym, a workout space for VO Artists that love radio drama. Charlotte's voice is confident and assured with a warm tone, perfect for documentaries, corporate and commercials alike.

Cecillie Aclon

Cecillie is a very experienced Danish VO, who has worked on many campaigns for a whole host of clients! With a smooth charm to her voice, she's able to bring class and poise to any project