Maggie Mizzi

Maggie has been doing voiceovers in English and Dutch for over 20 years, specialising in IVR automated telephone systems and corporate video work. Past clients include British Airways, Aviva, GSK, Intel, Microsoft, McAfee, ING, RCI and Bank of New York. Of Mediterranean, Dutch and British heritage, she had a trilingual upbringing, speaking a combination of English, Dutch and Italian. After an initial year of studying French, she went on to do a joint honours degree in Dutch and Italian. Besides the English and Dutch voice work, she has recently added Flemish to her CV thanks to time spent working in Brussels.

Shari Klein

Shari was born and raised in the Netherlands, and raised bilingual from a very young age. She's fluent in Dutch and American English. Her voice can be described as warm, enthusiastic, convincing and confident. She's been working as a part time voice over actor for over 4 years and has some great experience working with Dutch brands and has occasionally done voice over work for English brands.