Janin Stenzel

Janin is a very prolific German dubbing artist from Berlin, who has worked on a whole host of films (some of the actresses she has dubbed include Shailene Woodley, Mia Wasikowska and Zoe Kazan). She also has extensive experience in audiobooks, commercial work and corporate pieces.

Berenice Weichert

At the young age of eight, Berenice was discovered for her extraordinary voice variability and started her career as a voice actress in Berlin, Germany. She has participated in more than 1000 voice-over projects, mostly in a leading role. Her recent work includes Hollywood movies such as “Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation”, “Captain America”, “The Avengers” and “Hercules”, as well as TV and radio commercials, video games and documentaries. In 2013 she started writing German dubbing scripts (e.g. for “Nashville”) and worked as dubbing director for a hospital series (“Emily Owens MD”). Since Berenice is also a medical doctor, she is also involved in the production of teaching videos for the renowned Charité Hospital in Berlin.

Charlotte Woolfe

Charlotte is Austrian, and having grown up in Switzerland and Luxembourg, also speaks accent free German (Hochdeutsch) and is also fluent in English and French As an actress, she was trained by Cherry Cookson, from the Wireless Theatre Company (Radio), and has extensive experience in ADR work

Florian Schwienbacher

Florian is a professional actor and voice over artist with eight years of experience in Theatre and Musical. More recently he has been working mostly in TV and Film. He is both German and Italian native speaking due to his particular background, growing up in South Tyrol, a German minority in northern Italy.

Laura Sophie Helbig

Sophie is a very passionate actress, voice actress and screenwriter from Germany. She has voiced the role of 'Carol' in the audio drama The Walking Dead, many corporate films, Spotify Spots and commercials for clients such as NIKE, google, UPS and more. As well as ADR roles for Series like 'When Calls The Heart‘ or the German voice of the lead in 'Razia Sultan‘

Fernando Tiberini

As an established voice-over artist and language consultant, Fernando voices and supervises the multilingual versions of corporate and educational videos, television and radio commercials, language courses, video games, cartoons, toys, documentary and fiction films, museum and city guides and other multimedia projects. Fernando Tiberini has studied English and German Literature and Linguistics at Zurich University and holds an MA from the Sorbonne University in Paris. He studied acting at the Stella Adler Conservatory and HB Studio in New York, as well as film editing at the Spanish Film School (ECAM) in Madrid.

Sylvia St. John

Warm, approachable, motivational – Sylvia’s voiceover style is focused on drawing the listener in and creating an enjoyable listening experience. Her voice makes you want to buy it, try it or do it! – and her project list to date reflects this. Sylvia is a professionally trained actress and singer. She has 10 years voiceover experience and is proud to have worked with many prestigious high-profile clients such as:- Nintendo, Xbox 360, Sony, Samsung, Vodafone, BMW, Shell, BP, Oracle, Merryll Lynch Bank of America, TK Maxx, Loewe, National Geographic, E! Entertainment, Braun, Colgate, Grolsch, Ministry of Sound, Arla Foods, Body Shop, Avon, TIGI, the Guggenheim Museum, OCR and Oxford University Press. Sylvia is the voice of Nintendo Wii-Fit, a role which she reprises in the hugely popular Super Smash Bros. game.

Claudio Ahlers

Claudio is an experienced dubbing mixer, sound designer and voice over artist with 15 years of experience of working in broadcast television and film. Over the years Claudio has worked on productions from a great variety of styles ranging from social, historic and factual documentary to television and radio advertising, corporate film as well as drama and feature film. He is a native German speaker, fully bilingual, proficient in both spoken and written English with a voice range from 30 to 55 years of age.

Ilja Rosendahl

With a scientific and top manager background Ilja is a well-known film and music producer, international actor, award-winning musician and trained VO artist since many years. Speaking 7 languages this German native has a versatile voice from warm, believable and friendly over educational, corporate and sophisticated to tough, powerful and even fun.

Tina Hamboeck

Tina has been in the industry for over thirteen years. She was professionally trained in Acting at Arts Educational, London and at University for Performing Arts and Music for four years. Clients she has been working with include Walt Disney, Pixar, Miramax, Columbia Pictures, Endemol, American Express, Rosetta Stone, Toyota, Brothers, Spotify, BBC4, EIB, Mattel.