Eirik Bar

Eirik is a classically trained actor, born in Germany and educated in the UK, he speaks both English and German to a native standard. His sonorous voice has charmed many a listener in the UK and on the continent; in commercials, dramatic narration, re-dubbing, ADR or corporate recordings. He is often employed for multi-language projects to do both the English and German versions. He also knows that the most integral part to a successful recording session is a fine and dunk-able biscuit, of which he usually has a packet in his bag.

Irina Roknic

Irina is an actress and voice over artist from Hamburg living in London. She trained in her hometown and continued her acting studies in London, and also holds a professional banking diploma obtained in Germany. Irina is a founder of a new film company with community spirit (name still in discussion). She is a talented painter, and illustrates children's books and designs event flyers. Her sweet and enthusiastic voice is playful and dynamic.

Audrey Schoellhammer

Audrey has extensive experience as a voice-over artist in both English and German. Her work in German includes drama productions for the BBC - both TV and radio, as well as voice overs for documentaries, corporate films and radio commercials. Her work in English includes the lead role of Mrs Warren in an audio book version of Bernard Shaw's 'Mrs Warren's Profession', and she recently provided the voice for Professor Watson in the animated film 'The CAP'. She also played the part of Lieutenant Reed in 'Flip-Flop' in the cult 'DOCTOR WHO' Audio Adventures!

Sandra Darnell

Sandra is an experienced German voiceover with a distinctive and authoritative voice. She an ideal voice for corporate reads, commercial and radio.

Sabine Dor

Sabine is a German actress, singer and voice over artist living in London. Her voice is extremely versatile, and she has a love for character-driven work, given her acting background (she provided the German voice for Madame Hydra in the game 'Captain America: Super Soldier' and enjoyed working on this dark and ruthless character very much indeed...!)

Alexander Devrient

Alexander is a German voice who also speaks fluent French (Belgian accented). His acting training was completed at Drama Studio London in 2009, and he also holds a BA in Economics and International Relations from the University of Birmingham. Alexander is experienced in a variety of recording work, including documentaries for the BBC, commercials for Lego, Hot Wheels, Post-It, Lucozade, Shell, corporate narrations for Seagate, Lexmark, IBM, McKinsey, Juniper, Glocal Media, ADR for Land Rover, Caffè Ritazza, Ferrero and Gaming for Sega. He also works on a freelance basis as a German Broadcast Journalist for Perform Sports Media (Omnisport).

Jessica Ridder

Jessica is a versatile, very experienced voice-over artist with a wide emotional range. For fresh, energetic or smooth commercials as much as for corporate films and documentaries. Her voice-over experience includes dubbing, Lip Synch, commercials, corporate films, E-Learnings, TV programs, Computer games, audio books, Telephony systems, Flight announcements, children's toys and webcasts, for clients such as Apple, Mastercard, Asics, Allianz, BMW, ARTE TV Network, Slendertone, Google, Ebay, Hilton Hotel’s, Zespri, Hill’s Petfood, Spotify, AXA, Ariel, Citrix, MyOpel Academy, Clearblue, Le Musée du Quai Branly and many more. In addition to her acting degree she holds a Bachelor of Arts from La Sorbonne in Paris and works as a freelance journalist, as such she has voiced all sorts of sports news and highlights. A native German, Jessica has been splitting her time between Paris, London and Berlin for almost two decades and speaks fluent English and French.

Conny Stadler

Conny attended drama school in Vienna (Austria) and The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Los Angeles. After a mere seven days in LA, she got her first role in a film called 'Hamlet' (directed by Scott Meyers)! Conny moved to London in 2012 and a year later, got her first leading role in a short film called 'Snapshot'. One of her best skills is Western Horseback Riding and Trick Riding, which of course as we all know, is totally invaluable to voiceover work...