Adam Ashton

Adam Ashton is an actor and voice over artist based in London. Since graduating from drama school a few years ago Adam has gone on to work on many different projects, from stage and screen to voice over work. When not working Adam enjoys playing the piano as well as surfing.

San Sapir

Over the last 10 years, San has been providing voiceovers for various companies such as Müller, L’oreal and feature films such as Toy Story. A multilingual voice, San is fluent in Hebrew, Russian, French and English and is extremely versatile in each of them!

Lilac Sheer

Lilac is a young and vibrant voice over artist who is experienced and professional. Lilac has an exceptional ear for accents and dialects and her acting skills make her believable in any style or character and is also a fluent Hebrew speaker. A veteran in the studio, Lilac can easily go from fun to serious, professional to goofy, subtle to extreme... and always deliver.