Shehzaad Shams

Shehzaad Shams is a London based multi-lingual voice over artist with a believable, melodious, calm and friendly voice. He does voice overs in British English, Hindi and Bengali. He has worked for brands like DHL, Pearson Education etc. and his voice is ideal for eLearning and training materials, audiobooks, explainer videos etc.

Sahar Deshmukh

Sahar Deshmukh is a former Journalist and TV Presenter who simply loves to talk. Her voice is warm, energetic, young and fun. She can also be authoritative, a skill she gained while working in current affairs as a News Reader. She speaks in a Canadian accent, now fused with hints of international flavour gained from living in several countries. She has been living in the UK for over six years and currently resides in Manchester. Sahar is fluent in English and Hindi and her voice is well-suited for commercials, corporate videos and narration.

Zishan Afsar

Zishan has a versatile, youthful voice that is suitable for a range of campaigns. He is also skilled in voicing audiobooks, particularly for children. He trained at Drama Studio London, and comes from a British Pakistani heritage. He is fluent in Punjabi, Urdu, and Hindi and is also a highly skilled kickboxer!

Lucy Hassan

Lucy is a very experienced British Hindi VO, with bags of television and corporate credits to her name. When not behind the microphone, she's can be found behind a drum kit - and has also played volleyball to to National League Standard!

Serafina Salvador

Serafina is an actress and spoken word artist living in London. Her specialty is the Transatlantic accent, which is in high demand with global consumer brands. Her voice can be sexy, sultry, corporate and girl next door, as can be heard from her reel. She has trained at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York and has an excellent American accent. Being Mediterranean in appearance has meant she has played a number of Southern European characters on screen and on stage. Her accents include: American, Indian, Arabic and Mediterranean. Serafina is a fluent English and Hindi speaker. Her voice has been used for a children’s language teaching software for Urdu, which she also speaks fluently. A thorough professional, Serafina is reliable, punctual and a perfectionist at her job.