Mayumi Kawai

Mayumi is a English-Japanese bilingual and native speaker with genuine accent, and has voiced numerous campaigns in both languages. She has worked on projects in all the key areas of the broadcast industry, including corporate features, commercials, animations, feature films, audio books and digital media products.

Leo Ashizawa

​Leo was educated as an archaeologist but moved in to acting, learning his acting through Fringe theatre in Japan. He has performed in a multitude of plays and short films as well as being a feaured model in the fashion industry since 1997.  In 2006 he came to the UK and performed with theatre companies, Station House Opera and so on​. He has also made appearances in several films, TV, and commercials such as Seconds From Disaster, NGTV, Breaking the bank and All That Remains. On the other hand he has kept his passion for the theatrical scene and participated in a series of Greek Tragedy such as Phoenician Women, Oedipus the king , Oedipus at Colonus, and Antigone in Theatro Technis production as several characters including the blind prophet, Teiresias. ​

Yoshi Ando

Yoshi is a Japanese VO artist from Tokyo, currently residing in Los Angeles with a home studio. His voice can be heard in many commercials, video games, industrial promos, e-learning material, as well as numerous Hollywood movies and TV programs. His past clients include HP, Dell, Microsoft, Panasonic and Acer... to name a few!