Youny Moon

Youny was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. She was trained at KBS (Korea Broadcasting System) Academy for announcer in 1997, and gained experience voicing documentary clips in Korean. In London UK, Youny has worked as a freelancing reporter for KBS World since 2005 and is currently a classic model as well as amateur musical actress and voiceover artist.

MiJi Yi

MiJi was born in South Korea and moved to London when she was 18. She’s a classically trained musician and a member of the London Symphony Chorus. She also works as a Korean- English interpreter. MiJi lived in Italy for seven years and is accomplished in the language, and is also able to speak Japanese. Her voiceover clients include Airbnb and John Deere amongst others.

Megan Affonso

Megan is British... but is also half Korean, a quarter Dutch.. and a quarter Portuguese! Being an actress and musician, she has wealth of skill under her belt - timing, tempo, dynamics and expression. Recent work includes providing the voice for a character in a short film called "Berlin" (due for release later this year) and also for a corporate video for Mad Dog Ski. She also plays the cello very, very well...!