Alishan Aslan

Alishan is a London based actor and voice over artist who recently graduated from Arts Educational Schools London with a degree in acting. He is a fluent English & Turkish speaker and has a solid grasp of both accents. He is also a musician who can sing, play the piano and compose electronic music.

Merve Sönmez

Merve is a native Turkish voice over with a background of 10 years of marketing communications & advertising experience. She can record in Turkish or accented English projects. Merve’s voice can be described as warm, friendly, peaceful and can vary in age from children to 50’s. She has worked on many projects ranging through commercials, corporate & e-learning, TV & web series, childrens programs & animations, audiobooks, meditation recordings & IVR.

Almula Churm

Almula is a London based actress, voiceover & director who is bilingual in a both Turkish and English. After she graduated from drama school, Almula had a successful career on the State Theatre and European Theatre for nearly thirty-three years and as a TV presenter for fifteen years.

Gurel Kangal

Gurel is a London based, bilingual voice-over artist, as well as being a media and marketing professional. His media career started as a radio DJ ten years ago and since then he has been actively working in cultural and advertising sectors. He has participated in multiple recording projects in both Turkey and the UK and has worked with significant number of prestigious clients which include; MICROSOFT, LEGO, XEROX, UNICEF and BURGER KING.

Aysegul Murphy

Aysegul is a London based Actress and Voice over artist who is bilingual in both Turkish and English. After training for three years at acting school, a successful career followed on stage,TV, Commercials. Currently a presenter on London Turkish Radio, she continues to combine this with a vast array of acting jobs across the media spectrum. As a voiceover artist she has completed roles for both the BBC and ITV as well as for the film “Skyfall”. Corporate work includes the Microsoft/Windows Apollo 8 Phone where she will play the Turkish voiceover on every phone. She has also done work for Intimissi, Calzedonia and Lebara telecoms. She continues to work on the Seagate instructional voiceover which contains technical specifications.

Figen Phelps

Figen is a very experienced Turkish voiceover, who has done nearly every job under the sun (that requires a voiceover!). Recent clients include ASDA, Volvo, Candy Crush Saga, Disney and the BBC.