Carolina Garcia

Native from Brazil, Carolina has worked as a reporter and presenter for TV and radio since 2000. Working as a voice-over for radio and TV adverts, narration of TV documentaries, she has recently lent her voice for few BBC projects for Netflix among others. Carolina also works with media production, language direction, translation and proofreading. She enjoys working as a team, is warm and friendly. Commercial, Radio and TV promo, Documentary, Narrative, Corporate and Light Entertainment work are all well suited for Carolina's voice.

Aine Smith

Aine trained as an Actress in Paris and yes, she can speak French; even a Parisian would understand her. She has her own Theatre and Production companies and took her one-woman show to the Edinburgh Festival in 2014. She is a freelance Writer for publications including Time Out and Refinery 29. Her voice over work includes adverts for Premier Christian radio, New Noise Audio and the feature film Boogie Woogie where she provided voices for various background characters. Aine has a naturally warm and friendly voice that can easily move between softly informative, authoritarian to bubbly and energetic. She can work out of her own home studio for those last minute jobs

Lucinda Lawrence

Lucinda is an experienced and versatile actress, and is currently the narrator of BBC 1's 'Garden Rescue'. Other voice over work includes advertising campaigns for Liverpool ONE, Warner Brother's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the RAF. WW1 Audio books, Gaming, and IVR work. Being born near Liverpool and having lived in London for 13 years she has a talent for accents and character voices. Her voice is bright, perky and sincere. Recent theatre credits include American news anchor, Cherry Sundae, in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fiddler on the Roof, and On The Town. Lucinda is featured as a lead vocalist on cast recordings including 'Cool Rider' and 'Drunk!'.

Will Irvine

Will offers a warm, bright and intelligent read with the added charm of a gentle Irish brogue. His native Northern Irish tones have been softened by years spent in Dublin and London into a gentle neutral Irish accent, equally at home on both sides of the border. His warm, rich, reassuring voice has been used in Ireland by clients such as SsangYong, Diageo, Autotrader and Coca Cola. A classically trained actor who has performed everything from Shakespeare’s tragedies to contemporary comedies, he is comfortable with audio books, dramas and narration.

Anna Neale

Anna is a very experienced session singer and voiceover. With a warm, down-to-earth speaking voice and a very versatile singing voice, Anna is a true multi-discipline vocal artist (if that is indeed such a thing..!)

Figen Phelps

Figen is a very experienced Turkish voiceover, who has done nearly every job under the sun (that requires a voiceover!). Recent clients include ASDA, Volvo, Candy Crush Saga, Disney and the BBC.

Heather Capri Buna

Heather’s refreshingly warm American voice draws listeners in with an engaging, natural, and relatable delivery. She is known for her authentic and conversational reads, friendly tone, and great sense of timing. Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, her voice features the sought-after neutral American accent, with no regional dialect. When not behind the microphone, you can find her outdoors, enjoying Colorado’s 300 days of sunshine — most likely on the ski slopes!

Andrew Taylor

Andrew has been a voice artist for almost a decade and has worked with some big names along the way including; ABC Radio, AFL Media, Channel 10. He's done a ‘bring your truck and trailer’ load of commercials, promotions and program imaging, plus partnered with companies at the leading edge of corporate and instructional videos for online and mobile marketing. His voice ranges from edgy to corporate, natural to character; he can be the young guy, or the slightly more sophisticated read. He brings a warm trusting feel to any production and his professionalism is second to none.

Sarah Lawn

Sarah is an English Rose. She has natural RP which can be heightened for an aristocratic or period setting. Her voice is youthful with a slight breathy quality. Hailing from Hampshire and attending public school her work has included Noel Coward, Shakespeare, Ayckbourn and Restoration comedy and she has performed in the West End. She also has a strong mezzo-soprano singing voice.

Sarah Bailey

If you’re looking for a voice that is young, vivacious, bright, sexy, hip and upbeat, then radio professional Sarah Bailey is the voice for you. With a background in broadcasting, Sarah presents Dance Music shows, like Mambo Radio, Cream Radio and is the voice of Tiesto’s Club Life Podcast. She has a versatile voice with great delivery, warm clear tones – ideal for the youth market and perfect for exclusive cool brands.