Sam Brighton

Sam is a trained radio journalist in South Africa with experience in live and recorded environments. She has a gentle, soothing voice that often sounds younger than she is. She is well suited to storytelling and character pieces, but has also narrated a number of corporate pieces.

Jo Price

Jo was born on the Wirral, in the UK. Her love of theatre began at the tender age of five when she tap danced at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall following in her mother’s footsteps who was a dancer! At the age of 12 she moved to Durban, South Africa with her family and her acting work continued in various school productions. She was inspired by the work at The Market Theatre in Johannesburg having been lucky enough to see a production of “Woza Albert” there. Moving back to the UK, she took up journalism on the student newspaper and worked as a reporter after leaving university, covering stories for newspapers and radio. Her work in radio and television has given Jo the opportunity to work as a presenter for the BBC, ITN, The Weather Channel and as a travel reporter for Sky Television she has the enviable job of travelling to some of the most exotic corners of the world. As a radio host she has worked for Capital Radio, Talk Radio and the US Channel CNBC. Jo manages to combine her presenting with her work as an actor.

Duncan Wilkins

Duncan is a classically trained actor, with a deep, resonant voice that conveys authority and gravitas; and a lighter side which has a crisp youthfulness. He is a native RP speaker, and has a great range of character voices. He is about to start voicing a series of animated shorts on Youtube, and has also been the 'Voice of God' for corporate events!

Heather Capri Buna

Heather’s refreshingly warm American voice draws listeners in with an engaging, natural, and relatable delivery. She is known for her authentic and conversational reads, friendly tone, and great sense of timing. Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, her voice features the sought-after neutral American accent, with no regional dialect. When not behind the microphone, you can find her outdoors, enjoying Colorado’s 300 days of sunshine — most likely on the ski slopes!

Elizabeth Crawford

Elizabeth is an experienced actress, who has a smooth but expressive voice. As well as acting, she's also a singer and a playwright, with two films currently in development!

Tessa Wolfe

A native North Londoner whose family hail from Bolton, Tessa is a chatty, down-to-earth voice who can swap between varying degrees of Standard/RP and North London, to full on Northern! Tessa is great fun to work with and her passion in voice work is audio books and radio drama, where she can really stretch her legs with her character voices!

Jordan Thomas

Jordan has a chatty, enthusiastic and friendly voice which can bring many scripts to life. Hailing from Swansea, he can turn the Welsh-ness up or down as required. He's worked on both sides of the microphone, so is quite used to knowing what clients expect from their voices!