Emelie Mockus

A Swedish native with a very international background, Emelie is able to perform using a range of accents and dialects. Being mostly active as a film actress, she has appeared in features, shorts, and commercials. As a voice actress, she draws from her singing background to portray vivid characters as well as employing a confident presence for commercials. Clients include, Coca Cola Zero, SVT ( Swedish Television), and Stockholm Media House.

Nick Wallis

Nick is a regular face on BBC1 where he presents current affairs and consumer films for The One Show. He is also the presenter of Channel 5’s "Criminals: Caught on Camera” strand which has been sold around the world. Nick’s accent is neutral Southern English - he has a warm, authoritative voice with the ability to cut through and grab your attention

Nicky Lloyd-Williams

Nicky is one of our resident RP specialists. Versatile and sophisticated, she can cover everything from authoritative professional to warm and engaging to quite frankly, positively illegal... Trained by The BBC, Nicky has plenty of experience in radio AND television production - a winning combination we think.

Richard Clough

Richard has the exact sort of voice you think of when you're putting together something to do with insurance, B2B, finance or new technology. He's calm, well spoken and measured in his delivery but can also be happy and upbeat if needs be!

Bill Everatt

Bill is a veteran Welsh broadcaster, who has been in the business since 1979. He possesses a warm Welsh voice, which instils confidence and trust in a listener and regularly makes appearances on Radio Wales, Radio Hafren and his own Celtica Radio. He has also recently voiced a series of multilingual Welsh/English commercials for The Open University.

Minki Malkin

From audio guides, online courses, how-to guides, continuity and adverts, to whole radio imaging packages, Minki has a very diverse range. She can speak softly for those charity and healthcare campaigns, or tough it up a bit for imaging packages... or maybe pitch it somewhere in-between! She can also do Hull ... as that's where she hails from!