Gemma Shepherd

Gemma is a London based Voiceover artist with several years experience. There's a richness to her voice which makes it incredibly versatile and she can be heard doing everything from smooth, polished, corporate reads to bright, upbeat commercials. She's taken acting classes at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and also belongs to an improvisation group which keeps her VO skills fresh and indulges her passion for acting.

Jonny Labey

Jonny is a young Jersey-born actor who is better known for his part in Eastenders playing the part of Paul Coker. Aside from this, Jonny has a great love for voice work and can cover a very eclectic range of accents and tonal qualities. His fairly soft and neutral London accent can stretch to a variety of characters whether in animation or narration or be used plain and simply for conversational adverts/ corporate objectives.

Rebecca Scroggs

Rebecca recently finished appearing in Eastenders where she played the character Tosh from January to December 2014. Before that her credits include the National, Tricycle and Soho theatres, BBC's Death in Paradise and comedy for BBC3. Rebecca trained at RADA.

Lydia Orange

Lydia is a dynamic actress with a sweet and young voice. She plays a wide range of ages from as young as nine to mid twenties. She has a natural esturary accent. She was born in East London so can do a natural Cockney and Essex accent, other accents include Southern Irish, Yorkshire, Bucholic and RP.

Grace Cookey-Gam

Grace's love of radio drama led her from singing/ classical singing into the world of voicework and acting in general!! With a smooth, sleek voice, Grace exudes class with every word.... but she can also do harried mum too... !

Nick Wallis

Nick is a regular face on BBC1 where he presents current affairs and consumer films for The One Show. He is also the presenter of Channel 5’s "Criminals: Caught on Camera” strand which has been sold around the world. Nick’s accent is neutral Southern English - he has a warm, authoritative voice with the ability to cut through and grab your attention

Steve Salvari

When you want something with a bit of gravitas, you call Steve – plain and simple. He's done numerous charity campaigns for both TV and Radio and can also be White Van Man/Builder, Down-to-Earth Bloke, Hard Bloke or Sexy Deep Voiced Guy. In another life, Steve was one of the founding members of 80's funk group Central Line and has played keys for Barry White. Not bad, eh?

Minki Malkin

From audio guides, online courses, how-to guides, continuity and adverts, to whole radio imaging packages, Minki has a very diverse range. She can speak softly for those charity and healthcare campaigns, or tough it up a bit for imaging packages... or maybe pitch it somewhere in-between! She can also do Hull ... as that's where she hails from!