Ilja Rosendahl

With a scientific and top manager background Ilja is a well-known film and music producer, international actor, award-winning musician and trained VO artist since many years. Speaking 7 languages this German native has a versatile voice from warm, believable and friendly over educational, corporate and sophisticated to tough, powerful and even fun.

Konstantin Dmitrijev

Konstantin is from Lithuania, but ethnically he is Russian. He graduated from LCC International University in 2010. He is has always have been interested in music and vocals and has been in several bands as a lead singer.

Denis Michallet

Born in Provence, Denis received a diploma from the Conservatoire National d’art dramatique of Nice and afterwards from the Teatro Stabile Goldoni in Venice. Graduating in Italian and English, he has resided in Milan for the past 15 years where he performed and sang fluently in Italian. He also taught, wrote and translated. However, he was mainly involved in numerous plays and movies in Italy, France and recently in United Kingdom. Denis has a wide range of voices and has featured in many TV commercials in France and Italy, corporale voiceovers, audio books and dubbing. He also regularly voices programs for European TV channels. Credits include various voiceovers for BMW, Disney, Toys R us, Nestlé, Giochi Preziosi, Uhu, Hankook, RTL, Arexons, Barilla, and many more...

Yavor Karaivanov

Yavor has had extensive ADR experience in Bulgaria, having participated in many projects, dubbing hundreds of characters, from little boys and teenagers to any kind of crazy cartoon characters and old frail men! He is even the Bulgarian voice of Miss Piggy in the last Muppets movie. Clients include they Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon

Kris Steuer

Native from Sao Paulo, Brazil.Kris is a bassist/arranger and a business graduate.In 1997, he finished the Senac Voiceover Course and started working in his hometown. Kris has been working as a voice-over artist/narrator In London since 2010 and has lent his voice to: KFC (Comercial),BBC (World Cup 2014), Discovery Channel (Building the World Cup) DHL (cartoon characters), Full Tilt Poker-(TV comercial), Ciallis (variety of characters), Google (Wallace comercial), IBM-(Corporate), Troll (video game), Cambridge University International (language ,Telefonica, Vivo Play (TV Announcer) among others. With a neutral brazilian accent Kris can do regional brazilian accents as well.