Pierre Maubouche

Pierre Maubouché is a native French voiceover with more than 20 years experience and one of the industry's leading French talents. In his portfolio: continuity voice of Discovery and ESPN, voice of Wuaki TV, promo voice of MTV, National Geographic, Bloomberg, Cartoon Network, member of the voice pool for the NRJ radio network (NRJ, Nostalgie, Chérie FM) and many, many French TV commercials. Thanks to being bilingual with an French accent (from very subtle to verrry strrrong), he is also the voice of quite few UK TV spots, and a handful of global campaigns such as the famed Dolce & Gabbana commercial. His voice ranges from deep, manly, rich, authoritative, convincing, to warm caring genuine, gentle, engaging and from sexy, velvety, smooth, softly spoken, suave, current, trendy to smokey, husky, raspy, gritty, tough and rough. His commercial client list includes Renault, Apple, Axe, McDonald's, Kikkoman, Nike, Dolce&Gabbana, Le Rustique, Versace, Canon, Stella Artois, Honda, Dell, Signal, Total… He has also voiced countless video games, trailers, web promos, corporate videos, explainers, etc.

Xavier Paul

An accomplished actor and on air host for SyFy Channel, Xavier Paul can be seen this autumn in the highly anticipated HBO series "Crime", starring John Tuturro. In the voiceover arena he's known for several roles in the highly popular video games Grand Theft Auto V (2013), Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004) and Conflict: Vietnam (2004). His deep, full, edgy and versatile voice draws you in and holds your attention.

Andrei Lenart

Andrei Lenart is a native Slovenian voice over artist and actor who has worked on commercials, video games, feature films, apps and radio plays for companies such as 20th Century Fox, Ubisoft, uTalk, StubHub, Kerrang Radio, Thorpe Park and Seagate among others. As well as Slovenian he can deliver Eastern European and Russian accents and has a wide range of deliveries, ranging from young and upbeat to smooth and authoritative. With fun and professional attitude he is a pleasure to work with

Alexander Mercury

Alexander was born in Siberia but spent all his adult life in London were he resides presently. He trained as an actor at LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, 2002-2006) and went on to work on various theatre, TV, independent and Hollywood film productions including The Royal Court Theatre, Nuffield Theatre (Southampton), BBC, Channel 4, New Line Cinema, Paramount (World War Z, Jack Ryan), Dark Sky Films and a number of Russian TV channels. He recently finished filming “Occupied”, a political thriller set in Norway and is currently filming “Londongrad”, a TV sitcom for a leading Russian entertainment channel, STS.

Mateo Rufino

Originally from Spain, Mateo Rufino trained at Cristina Rota Drama School in Madrid. After filming more than a dozen short films, he made his first steps in cinema with Nestor F. Dennis in "Crisis". Since moving to London he further trained at the Actors Temple with Gary Condes and later continued to train independently with Tom Radcliffe. Recent credits include the BBC series "The Musketeers" and feature films The Spoiler (Katharine Collins), The Hunter's Prayer (Jonathan Mostow) and Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (Christopher McQuarrie). His theatre credits include the musical The Plagues Of Egypt (Nono Gándara), the staged reading of Olvida Los Tambores with Jorge de Juan and The Spanish Theatre Company in London, and Rock Paper Scissors (Olga Nikora), directed by Kate Bannister.

Jim Smith

Jim is of British and Irish heritage and has been a musician since his teens. For the last 30 years he has undertaken many public speaking engagements, presented a story telling/music session in the UK and in the States, provided his voice to guided visualisation CDs and is also an interviewer/writer for 'Intervene' magazine.

Claudio Ahlers

Claudio is an experienced dubbing mixer, sound designer and voice over artist with 15 years of experience of working in broadcast television and film. Over the years Claudio has worked on productions from a great variety of styles ranging from social, historic and factual documentary to television and radio advertising, corporate film as well as drama and feature film. He is a native German speaker, fully bilingual, proficient in both spoken and written English with a voice range from 30 to 55 years of age.

Ilja Rosendahl

With a scientific and top manager background Ilja is a well-known film and music producer, international actor, award-winning musician and trained VO artist since many years. Speaking 7 languages this German native has a versatile voice from warm, believable and friendly over educational, corporate and sophisticated to tough, powerful and even fun.

Keith Baldwin

Described as, ‘wonderfully upmarket with a highly versatile, deep, warm mellow and friendly voice’ Keith has been a full time ‘Speaker and Presenter’ for the passed eight years. In this time he has gained a wealth of experience in the art of communication and meeting customer needs, as well as developing skills as a ‘character’ performer! This has allowed him to undertake Voice Over projects ranging from Corporate to Comedy and Audio short story production, plus significant experience in the narration of European travel DVD’s. His main standpoint is his versatility - and the sheer enjoyment he derives from doing his work well!

Kate Sturgess

With a powerful and confident voice, Kate is ideal for those jobs which need a bit more guts from the voice (if you can indeed put it like that!). Also, Kate is a highly experienced presenter of all types of programmes and live events - whether you’re looking for a safe pair of hands to facilitate a top level conference, or presentation skills support for a smaller meeting, she can handle it all with ease. Kate has made broadcast programmes, presented corporate television, hosted live events and awards and even appeared in TV ads… and even has a good sense of humour and an unflappable nature!