Ulrika Belogriva

Ulrika is a very experienced Russian voiceover, whose work has been heard in countless places across the world!

Larissa Kouznetsova

Larissa is a competent Russian voiceover who has worked for many years within the industry. With her natural way in front of clients you are sure to get the guaranteed results for any campaign you use her for.

Vlad Kupryashin

Vlad started working as a commercial actor and announcer for “Europa+” radio network in 1995. He received a wealth of experience working in the radio industry as a presenter and a producer. Since becoming a full-time voiceover, he's done advertising spots, films, documentaries, presentations, audiobooks, jingles... the list goes on!

San Sapir

Over the last 10 years, San has been providing voiceovers for various companies such as Müller, L’oreal and feature films such as Toy Story. A multilingual voice, San is fluent in Hebrew, Russian, French and English and is extremely versatile in each of them!

Dasha Ches

Hailing from Leningrad in Russia and fluent in English, Dasha has been working in the voiceover sphere for the last few years. Recent jobs include a large multilingual campaign for an international company, plus a whole host of smaller jobs.