Sini Manner

Sini is a versatile Kiwi voiceover artist with 20 years studio experience in both the UK and NZ, where she was a presenter/producer in alternative and commercial radio. She can rock a range of styles from dynamic energetic hard-sell and contemporary attitude to warm and smooth, or conversational for narration and eLearning. Her client list has been as diverse as nappies to in-flight and e-Learning modules; TV continuity, game campaigns and mobile providers, to Mediterranean dance stations. She’s quite miffed that she didn’t get to do a kittie voice for a recent catfood commercial. Recently decamped to Brighton from London to fulfil her sea-swimming urges, she voices in Kiwi, neutral British, & character accents from London studios or home. She's also a photographer enjoying working on some more alternative portraits.

Emad Ahmed

Emad has a strong, powerful voice which lends itself to corporate and documentary work and also, for campaigns which need a bit of gravitas!

Imoje Aikhoje

Imoje was born and raised in Northwest London and for the last 5 years has been working as an editor and cameraman. Being behind the camera had always been his goal but after working in voice acting he found a new passion. Imoje has a naturally deep voice which has been described as warm, resonant and memorable and can range between smooth and deep to a more playful and neutral tone.

Becky Pennick

Becky has a wonderfully rich voice embracing the lower tones of an alto timbre. Original from Portsmouth and now based in London she trained at Central School of Speech and Drama. VoiceOver credits include BBC radio 4, BBC radio Solent and Richmond Theatre. She also has a wonderful flare for creating lifelike characters for story telling.

Stef Bottinelli

Stef Bottinelli is a London based-Italian native. She moved to the UK at the age of 20 and studied drama at Brunel University. She also studied theatre at the Teatro Prova in Bergamo. Stef has done both theatre and screen acting, voice overs and singing. She has appeared in print ads for Sure deodorant, in feature film ‘Virtual Sexuality’ and various music videos. Stef’s voice is deep, smooth, sexy and husky her work includes ads for Capital and Heart radios and corporate videos.

Marisa Benlloch

Marisa is totally bilingual in Spanish and English, with extensive voicework experience in both! Clients include Wrangler Jeans, Hertz Cars and IBM plus she's worked on a whole host of e-learning and corporate projects.

Matt Pattimore

Matt hails from the Black Country (aka the middle of the Midlands) and as well as being very experienced on stage and on screen, is no stranger to e-learning work either, having recently completed a project for Cambridge University!

Sue Dougan

Sue has a natural Northern Irish accent which she can either neutralise or ramp up as necessary! She’s got an extensive background in radio in BBC radio, currently working for BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and with new London station Share Radio. She’s also worked across numerous commercial stations in the UK and Ireland. She’s vastly experienced as an event and function host; on all types of music and speech programmes and podcasts; on live events and in the corporate world. Her recent voice bookings include projects for PayPoint and Avon and she’s the current voice of internal communications at Royal Mail … and is an occasional ‘voice of god (ess)’ at functions and events

Sian Hill

Sian has a neutral voice with a northern lilt that can be increased or made to disappear all together. With a professional warm tone she is perfect for corporate reads, although with her cheeky grin comes the ability to bring a sense of fun or a sarcastic undertone to your script. Sian is a professional actress and her voice credits include, BBC Children in Need, BBC Radio 4, AdPods Bluetooth Marketing, Roundhouse and DC Pae’s monologue podcasts.

Parviz Azadian

Parviz started his voiceover career by narrating of one Anton Chekhov’s short stories. From there, he's gone on to do a multitude of corporate jobs and journalistic pieces (including a stint with Radio Kooche, an Iranian radio station based in Washington). He's also worked on documentary pieces about the late Freddy Mercury.