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Jessica is a versatile, very experienced voice-over artist with a wide emotional range. For fresh, energetic or smooth commercials as much as for corporate films and documentaries. Her voice-over experience includes dubbing, Lip Synch, commercials, corporate films, E-Learnings, TV programs, Computer games, audio books, Telephony systems, Flight announcements, children’s toys and webcasts, for clients such as Apple, Mastercard, Asics, Allianz, BMW, ARTE TV Network, Slendertone, Google, Ebay, Hilton Hotel’s, Zespri, Hill’s Petfood, Spotify, AXA, Ariel, Citrix, MyOpel Academy, Clearblue, Le Musée du Quai Branly and many more. In addition to her acting degree she holds a Bachelor of Arts from La Sorbonne in Paris and works as a freelance journalist, as such she has voiced all sorts of sports news and highlights. A native German, Jessica has been splitting her time between Paris, London and Berlin for almost two decades and speaks fluent English and French.

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