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Maria de Lima is an international actress who has been working
extensively as an audio artist for over 20 years.
She started back in Lisbon, Portugal, lending her voice to
various Radio Commercials and becoming the female
commentator for the Portuguese hit TV show: ‘O Jogo do
Ganso’. Since than her voice has been featured in many
commercials, documentaries, animated videos, feature films,
corporate films, E-learning, video games, audio guides,
cartoons, answering services and audio books.
Clients include: Sketchers; Sony; The Hilton Club; MTV; Avis
International; Nokia; H&M Stores; Volvo; British Airways; The
Body Shop; Shell; Opel; Microsoft; Swarovski, BT, BA, IBM,
Ariel, Melia Club amongst many others.
Maria de Lima most recent ADR work was in Oliver
Hirschbiegel’s feature film, ‘Diana’, where she played the
voices of different Angolan and Portuguese women.
Alongside an international acting career, Maria’s voice has
become a very useful and successful tool.

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